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A unique restaurant at Lake Constance

Buffalo Steakhouse at the Zeppelin Hangar

Buffalo Steakhouse
Buffalo Steakhouse

The Buffalo Steakhouse offers first class grill cuisine in a unique setting. As the only indoor charcoal showgrill in Baden-Württemberg, it will make your visit a special event. Select your steak directly from the ”dry aging fridge“ in the restaurant, and watch the chef grill it right in front of you.
The Buffalo Steakhouse opened in May 2016 as part of the extension to the Zeppelin Hangar Restaurant and is considered the insiders‘ top tip for the Lake Constance dining scene. Joachim Föhr’s innovative dining concept includes a digital menu with interesting additional details about the origin of the meat and its maturation. Each diner can choose from a wide variety of meats, from Irish-, US-beef to a classic T-Bone steak – your very own BBQ with the delicious sides of your choice!

The Buffalo Steakhouse opens daily from 18:00 - 22:00.

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The Buffalo Steakhouse in 360° view:

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