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Get married in a Zeppelin NT

Give your marriage a fantastic, floating start.

Get married in a Zeppelin NT
Get married in a Zeppelin NT

Say your „I do’s“ in the airship on the ground, then lift off into a happy marriage and a wonderful flight.

Unconventional, free spirited and adventurous - the Zeppelin NT is an exceptiona lacation to kick-start your marriage. Tie the knot in a close circle of your loved-ones for your future life together. The ceremony itself takes place in the gondola while the airship remains on the ground. Either before or after the civil ceremony, you will take off with your guests for a round-trip flight of your choice. You decide whether you say your “I do’s” first then crown them with a Zeppelin flight, of take of into the sky before making your wedding vows. For the wedding, including the flight, a total of 60 minutes is at your disposal. The gondola accommodates a total of 12 passengers. After the ceremony, you can celebrate with an extended circle of loved-ones, with a glittering wedding reception in the Zeppelin restaurant. A stylish ambience and Haut-cuisine gives your celebration a desirable setting. Start you marriage with a feeling of freedom and close ties. We offer you a celebration that will be remembered forever.

Information and Conditions for a marriage:

In theory, anyone can get married in a Zeppelin NT. Before we can arrange a confirmed date, you must have a declaration from your home Registry Office that you fulfil all the prerequisites for marriage, so please contact them as soon as possible. Please contact the Registry office in Friedrichshafen with your preferred date.

Standesamt Friedrichshafen
Adenauerplatz 1
88045 Friedrichshafen
Tel. +49 (0)7541 / 203-2170 oder -2171

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