Multi-function platform

The Zeppelin NT – a flying laboratory

Multi-function platform
Multi-function platform

An aircraft with a quality and capabilities that cannot be matched by a plane, a helicopter or any other type of aircraft

The Zeppelin NT, type LZ N07, has long been established as an efficient and successful science and research platform. Based on its unique flight characteristics and its impressive flight performance, the Zeppelin NT offers quality and capabilities unmatched by planes, helicopters or any other type of aircraft.

Aside from its comfortable and spacious cabin, the following qualities demonstrate its suitability and success as a mission platform:

  • Long endurance (up to 20 hours, depending on payload)
  • Optional Auxilary tanks in the Cabin (2 x 700 Liter) for longer missions
  • Precise flight and landing capabilities (VTOL)
  • Low and slow flying capability
  • Low noise (69,4 dB(A) overflying at max power)
  • Vibration-free cabin (max. 0,02 g on the seat rails)
  • Low noise level in the cabin (64,5 dB(A))
  • High safety standard due to its internal structure
  • Low operating costs and modest infrastructure on the ground
  • High Payload (up to 2,3 t)
  • Total safety over Urban areas, even with engine failure
  • Vertical flight and measurement profiles are easily possible
  • Wide flexibility in cabin layout and fast turnaround times
  • Possibility to mount a „Top platform“ on the upper structure
  • Easy ground handling with minimum of crew (only 3 people necessary)
  • Off-airport landing with appropriate surface easily possible

For the performance of Special missions, the Zeppelin NT has already been approved for the mounting of an extensive variety of devices, including the following:

  • Special mounts for professional gyro-stabilized cameras (Existing approval for Wescam MX-15 HDi and Gyron HD 935)
  • Mounting capability on the cabin for a measuring boom
  • Mounting possibility for a „Top platform“ on the upper structure, where up to 6 racks with sensors and measuring instruments to a total weight of 450kg can be fitted
  • Multiple attachment point on the hull

Also the electrical possibilities are highly suited to the needs of a high-tech flying laboratory and offers:

  • Linking in to the airship avionics (Navigation, GPS, radio, flight data and position indications)
  • Standard: external power of 5kVA
  • Optional: additional power of 8kVA

With its internal volume of 29 m³, the cabin of the Zeppelin NT offers scientists, besides the measuring equipment (in racks attached to the seat rails) enough room to move about. Among the most important equipment features are:

  • A huge Panoramic window
  • Two wide-opening doors with integrated bottom-hinged windows
  • A floor hatch (490 x 690 mm)
  • Fixed installation of up to six equipment racks
  • On-board toilet
  • Heating (optional)

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