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Zeppelin NT

Fascination of the Zeppelin NT

The Zeppelin NT is much more than just an „eye-catcher“ in the sky. It is the only airship in the world that has an internal structure. This is what separates the Zeppelin from a “Blimp” – with the development of the Zeppelin NT, a new building concept was created.

Size comparison Zeppelin NT
Size comparison Zeppelin NT

On the 18th September 1997, the Zeppelin NT took off on its maiden flight from Friedrichshafen. The media interest was huge – with global news coverage. The myth of the Zeppelin was successfully reborn. Other than the shape of the Zeppelin NT, this new airship has nothing in common with its predecessor. Nowadays ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co. KG combines the values of historical experience with modern technology.  

Highest level of safety, combined with maximum comfort is the premiss for the construction of the Zeppelin NT. The letters NT stand for “New Technology” which is synonymous with high-tech and sets a new benchmark.

The rigid structure of the Zeppelin in a triangular form using both Aluminium and carbon fiber construction. With its 1,100kg structure, the Zeppelin NT is a real lightweight and fulfils the highest demands of stability and manoeuverability. The lift comes from non-flammable Helium, enclosed in a highly tear resistant material. An innovative propulsion system with swiverling propellers and modern avionics with „Fly-by-Wire“ control system allows the pilot to manoeuvre like a helicopter – thus reducing the number of Ground Crew required for take off and landing. Even lightning strikes cause no disturbance to the flight characteristics – in every detail you will find this uncompromising safety concept.


Highest level of comfort, with maximum safety.

High-tech, accumulated know-how and an unrivalled experience-base is the foundation of the Zeppelin NT. More

Operational Fields

New dimensions in flight tourism and science.

The Zeppelin is a multifunctional platform with extraordinary flight characteristics – for extraordinary applications. More

Aerial Advertising

„Eye-catcher“, engaging and outstanding advertising medium

A highly visable “flying billboard”, overflying one of the most beautiful regions in Europe More


From first concept, to series production

Chronology of the development of the Zeppelin NT. More

Zeppelin Gallery

This, you have to see.

The views, those perspective – see the Zeppelin from all angles and gain new impressions of the world. More

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