Advertising Regions

Mobile and flexible advertising in an attractive region

13 different flight routs around the Bodensee and Europe wide excursions – the Zeppelin NT knows no boundries.

The Zeppelin NT offers 13 different routes from Friedrichshafen around the Bodensee. Over two million visitors come to the region every year – a versatile holiday destination and at the same time an economically prosperous area. Therefore, you can be certain that this is an attractive advertising region.

From Friedrichshafen, the airship flies regularly over the German side of the lake and the nearby Swiss and Austrian shores. Amongst others, the cities of Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Bregenz, Rorschach, Arbon, Romanshorn, Kreuzlingen, Schaffhausen, Konstanz, Radolfzell and Meersburg are covered on the regular routes. The roundtrip flights also travel inland, for example, to the Ravensburg, City of Games and Salem, to the Allgäu region over Wangen and Vorarlberg and Dornbirn also to St. Gallen in Switzerland.

In addition to the flights in the Bodensee region, the Zeppelin NT is also regularly stationed in Munich for two to three week each Spring. The Zeppelin NT has already flown Europewide for special advertising projects.

Charter the Zeppelin NT and take your advertising message on tour.