Advertising Value

An engaging „Eye-catcher“

Advertising in an unconventional way – a high quality, communicative message, splashed across the huge advertising surface of the Zeppelin NT

In an age of massive acoustic and visual overstimulation, advertising messages are often only perceived as a blur. Attracting attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is important to find new ways of getting your message across.

Use the new quality of spontanious acceptance with a high sympathy value, attention-grabbing and enduringly memorable – use the Zeppelin NT.

In communication, the Zeppelin NT is associated with so-called "Ambient Media". Ambient Media guarantees an unconventional way of strong contact targeting. This happens exactly at the place where consumers are particularly receptive to advertising messages. The resulting media coverage in print and on TV therefore strengthens the effect of your campaign.

The Zeppelin NT, as a communication tool, with its element of surprise and its gigantic size: about 2,000m², it is beyond the scope of the familiar.

In comparing different media mediums, the Zeppelin can claim a decisive advantage: Emotionality. Advertising on the airship is not conventional outdoor advertising, but rather a special kind of experience. The Zeppelin NT offers a crucial emotional value for the profile of the brand like no other medium.

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