From first concept, to series production

Chronology of the development of the Zeppelin NT:

November 2018

On 11th November the 2018 flight season ended. The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei can look back on the most successful season in its history, with more than 24,700 passengers flown in Friedrichshafen, Prague, Munich, Hannover and the Rhineland.

October 2018

On the 24th October the new helium storage tanks were installed. This increases the helium storage capacity by more than 25%.

September 2018

On the 17th September 2018 the Zeppelin NT started a small tour of Germany on behalf of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The first leg went from Friedrichshafen to Schweinfurt. From there the ZF Zeppelin continued on to Hildesheim, where it was stationed for sightseeing flights over the IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition in Hannover.
On the occasion of World Children’s Day on the 20th September, the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei donated the gross revenue from a 30 minute Zeppelin flight to the Pestalozzi Kinder- und Jugenddorf Wahlwies e.V.

From the 28th to the 30th September, the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei offered sightseeing flights from Bonn Hangelar airfield with routes over Bonn-Siebengebirge and Cologne Cathedral.

August 2018
The third of the Goodyear Zeppelins was christened "Wingfoot Three" in a ceremony at the Goodyear airship hangar in Ohio. This successfully concludes the largest delivery order in ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik’s history.
July 2018
On the 14th July the Zeppelin NT "Baden-Württemberg" flew over the Seehasenfest fireworks display in Friedrichshafen.
June 2018
On the 2nd and 3rd of June, the Zeppelin NT took off for 45 minute sightseeing flights from Lahr airfield over the Europa-Park region.

On the 16th June, parachutists jumped from the Zeppelin over the hangar in Friedrichshafen.

On the 25th June, the third Goodyear-Zeppelin NT successfully completed its maiden flight in Akron, Ohio (USA).
April/May 2018
On the 8th April, the Zeppelin NT flew a special 5 hour flight over the high speed rail link from Ulm to Stuttgart for the major new railway project "Stuttgart 21".

From the 20th April to the 1st May, the Zeppelin NT flew 40 minute sightseeing flights over Munich.

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations for 2019, Zeppelin CZ chartered the airship for flights over the „Golden City“ of Prague for its business partners and customers from the 19th to the 20th May.
March 2018
The flight season started in Friedrichshafen on the 9th March.
November 2017
On the 8th November 2017 the flight season ended with the greatest success in the history of the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei. In 2017 more than 24,000 passengers flew in the Zeppelin NT.
October 2017
From the 9th to the 12th October, the Zeppelin NT was introduced as a scientific research platform in the Zurich area on behalf of the Swiss SkyLab Foundation. Scientists from the University of Zurich, the University of Basel, the Zurich City Police as well as EMPA, ETHZ and ZHAW were aboard the Zeppelin NT for the test flights from Dübendorf airfield.
September 2017

From the 3rd to the 5th September, the JU 52, the centerpiece of the Lufthansa Berlin Foundation’s historic fleet, made a guest appearance in the Zeppelin Hangar in Friedrichshafen. Many visitors attended a Captain’s dinner and special hangar tour.

On the 5th September the 250,000th passenger worldwide flew on the Zeppelin NT.

On the 15th September the Zeppelin NT started it’s tour of Northern Germany. During the Nordbau exhibition, the airship flew for Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH in Neumünster, over the exhibition area and also for passenger sightseeing flights over the North Sea island of Sylt. Subsequently, the Zeppelin NT was used by Helmholtz-Zentrums Geesthacht for scientific research flights over the Elbe and the North Sea. At the end of the tour, passengers had the chance to fly over Flensburg.

On the 18th September, 20 years after the first flight of the Zeppelin NT on the 18th September 1997, the airship took off for its anniversary flight. For this flight, the original crew from the first Zeppelin NT flight were on board: Pilot Jesse-Scott Danneker, his Co-Pilot and flight engineer Stefan Unzicker as well as Jürgen Fecher as flight test engineer.

On the 30th September, for the second time, parachutists jumped from the Zeppelin over the hangar in Friedrichshafen.

July 2017

On the 1st July, Eckhard Breuer took over the role of CEO of ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik and the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei from his longstanding predecessor Thomas Brandt.

On the 8th and 9th July there was a two day Zeppelin Summer Festival at the Hangar, to celebrate the “20th Anniversary of the first flight of the Zeppelin NT”. A varied program, in collaboration with many partners attracted about 5000 visitors.

Both Zeppelin NTs "Baden Württemberg" and "Bodensee" flew to the fireworks at the Seehasenfest in Friedrichshafen on the 15th July, and for the first time to the Uferfest in Langenargen on the 29th July.

June 2017
On the 9th June, the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei Fanshop went online. From now on Zeppelin Gifts and merchandise can be ordered online using the website.
On the 18th June, parachutists jumped from the Zeppelin over the hangar in Friedrichshafen.
April/May 2017

From the 21st April to the 2nd May, 40 minute flights took place over Munich.

On the 6th May, the Zeppelin NT flew to the anniversary celebration of the Pestalozzi Kinderdorf in Wahlwies – handing over a check for €35,000 from the proceeds of the Zeppelin Airmail.

March 2017

The 100th anniversary of the death of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the ingenious and determined airship pioneer, was commemorated with a Zeppelin NT flyby over the Remembrance Service at the cemetery in Stuttgart.

The season begins with a press conference on the 10th March in Friedrichshafen. This season is under the banner “20th Anniversary of the first flight of the Zeppelin NT” – the Zeppelin NT took off for it’s maiden flight in 1997.

November 2016
On the 12th November the very successful 2016 flight season ended. The DZR achieved a new passenger record for Friedrichshafen, with more than 20,100 passengers flown.
October 2016
On the 16th October, the DZR offered the first commercial parachute jumps from the Zeppelin NT over Friedrichshafen. 16 parachutists, including Felix Baumgartner (famous for his record breaking jump from the stratosphere) jumped from 700m above the Zeppelin hangar.
On the 21st October, at the Goodyear airship hangar at Wingfoot Lake in Ohio, the second Goodyear-Zeppelin NT was christened “Wingfoot Two”.
July 2016
On the 16th July, both ships took off for exclusive flight over the Seehasenfest firework display. It was the first gastronomic event with star chef Manfred Lang. A 4-course meal in the unique atmosphere of the Zeppelin Hangar, was followed by a flight to the Seehasenfest fireworks over Friedrichshafen.
June 2016
On the 15th June, the Zeppelin set off for the “Clockwork Ocean” Expedition to the Baltic Sea. Scientist from the Institute of coastal research, Helmholz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG), investigated the smallest oceanic eddies and their effects on the global oceanic circulation, the climate, the productivity of the oceans and their influence on fish movement. The island of Usedom was the starting point for the research flights over the Baltic Sea with the Zeppelin NT.
April/May 2016
On the 6th April the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Civil Aviation Authority) certified a new, improved version of the Zeppelin NT. The “Bodensee” Zeppelin was fitted with a larger, 14 passenger cabin and a newly developed avionic system.
On the 30th April & 1st May, the opening ceremony took place for the newly extended “Zeppelin Hangar FN”. The extended building now houses the new Buffalo Steakhouse restaurant as well as a larger passenger check-in area and Zeppelin shop.
March 2016
On the 12th March, the second Goodyear Zeppelin NT successfully completed its maiden flight at Wingfoot Lake, Ohio.
Flying season began with a press conference in Friedrichshafen on the 18th March.
November 2015
2015 Flight season ends.
The most successful flight season in the company’s history, with more than 22,200 passengers flown in Friedrichshafen, Munich and Switzerland.
August 2015
The DZR celebrated the 200,000th passenger flown onboard a Zeppelin NT.
July 2015
First Fireworks-Flight with the "Baden-Württemberg" and "Bodensee" Zeppelins over the Friedrichshafen Seehasenfest.
May 2015
Start of the 48-day Edelweiss-Zeppelin-Tour, with six locations offering sightseeing flights over the “Alpenland”.
March 2015
Passenger flight during the partial Solar Eclipse.
November 2014
End of 2014 flight season.
Total number of passengers flown since 2001: 151,500.
October 2014
End of two-ship operations.
August 2014
On 12.08.2014 the new Zeppelin NT, the LZ N07-101 series, receives its type certificate from EASA.
On 23.08.2014 the first of three Goodyear Zeppelins was christened "Wingfoot One" at the Goodyear airship hangar in Akron.
The DZR successfully starts two-ship operations.
June - July 2014
Start of the second EU research campaign, the I2C mission to Cuers, near Toulon (Sea-surveillance of border and coastal defenses in the Mediterranean with a new maritime surveillance radar by Rockwell-Collins) under the direction of DCNS.
Airship Paris charters the Zeppelin NT (SN003) in Paris from 13.06.2014 to 24.07.2014 for sightseeing passenger flights from Pontoise araund the outskirts of Paris.
May 2014
The Geo Research Centre of Potsdam successfully conducts the third reflectometry measurement campaign with the Zeppelin NT over Leke Constance.
March 2014
Maiden flight of the first Goodyear Zeppelin LZ N07-101 on the 17th March 2014 from the Goodyear base at Wingfoot Lake in Suffield, OH.
December 2013

Completion of the first Goodyear-Zeppelin in Akron.

November 2013

End of the flight season.
Total number of flown passengers since 2001: 136,000

August 2013

Airship Paris charters an airship (SN002R) till 05.10.2013 and performs passenger sightseeing flights from Pontoise to many landmarks around the outskirts of Paris, garnering considerable international media attention.

July 2013

Big ceremony for the 175th Birthday of Count Zeppelin. Start of the first EU measurement campaign - the I2C Mission (maritime surveillance and Border and coastal protection in the Mediterranean) under the direction of DCNS to Toulon (Hyeres).
First test of a new maritime surveillance radar from Rockwell Collins

June 2013

Structural assembly of the first Goodyear-Zeppelin completed. After 11 weeks of successful operation in the EU's climate research, "Pegasos" returns safely from Finland.

April 2013

Start of the third Pegasos mission to Finland.

November 2012

Airship Ventures stops operating due to a lack of commercial demand in the United States. ZLT buys back SN004.

August 2012

First parts deliverered to Akron for the final assembly of the first of three Goodyear-Zeppelin airships.

July 2012

Pegasos Mission to Italy successfully completed.

June 2012

On Monday, the 11th June 2012 the second data collection campaign for Pegasos begins. The Zeppelin NT flies east of the Alps to the Po Valley. It will be stationed for about 5 weeks in Ozzano, Italy and will take measurements in the region.

May 2012

On Friday, the 4th May 2012 The project partners of the Pegasos climate research project gather in the Zeppelin hangar for a press conference. This ceremonial opening ceremony is attended by Federal Research Minister, Annette Schavan, and Robert-Jan Smits, Director General for Research and Innovation in the European Union. PEGASOS is sponsored by 7 EU research programs. A total of 26 institutions, from 15 European countries and Israel are participating in this project to improve air quality. On 17 March 2012, Ascension, The Zeppelin NT leaves for Rotterdam for its first Pegasos data collection campaign.

April 2012

On Friday the 27th April 2012, the SN002R takes off at 10:46, and completes a successful test flight of just over one hour. The airship is then rigged for the upcoming special mission for the Pegasos climate research project. The rebuild of the Zeppelin NT, dismantled in Japan, took about 10 months.

February 2012

On Monday, the 27th February 2012 the two side engines and the three fins of SN002R are mounted. At the same time, the Goodyear team, who will be operating the three Zeppelin NTs is formed.The training of the staff from the 3 airship locations in the States will take place at the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH in Friedrichshafen, and will last about 2 years.

January 2012

At the start of 2012 the law of Baden-Württemberg allows civil weddings in the Zeppelin NT. The couple say “I do” in the passenger gondola while the airship is on the ground, to make the marriage legally valid, after which they take a 45 minute flight.

December 2011

On Monday, the 12th December 2011 the future SN 002R airship, under construction since July, gets its new envelope. It takes ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG just under 4 weeks to gradually slide the envelope over the structure and fasten it securely from the inside.

November 2011

Scientists at the Jülich Research Centre (FZJ) and other partner institutes test equipment for climate research with the Zeppelin NT. The tests are in preparation for the use of the Zeppelin NT for the EU Pegasos project in 2012 and 2013. FZJ will coordinate the measurement flights with the airship.

August 2011

On Monday, the 15th August 2011 the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH celebrates 10 years of passenger operations with the Zeppelin NT. The DZR has expanded to become a service and competence center for the Zeppelin NT. About 117,500 passengers have already been flown.

July 2011

ZLT is once again building an airship. This is the reconstruction of the Zeppelin NT, which was in operation in Japan from 2005 to 2010. After extensive materials testing and technical innovations, the first parts of the internal structure have now been fitted. The Zeppelin NT retains its original baptismal name "Bodensee".

May 2011

Goodyear ordered the new Zeppelin NT model LZ N07-101 at a cost of approximately 14.5 Million Euros each, the largest deal in the history of ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co. KG. After component production at Friedrichshafen, the final assembly will take place in the Goodyear airship hangar in Akron, OH.The first Zeppelin NT will commence its Goodyear operation at the beginning of 2014. Besides the airship sale, the deal also includes an agreement for close co-operation between the two companies.

This three airship sale doubles the worldwide Zeppelin NT fleet.

March 2011

On the 11th March 2011, the Zeppelin NT took off for a special mission over Paris. The airship was chartered by the French company "Airship Vision International" on behalf of the French government agency for radiation protection, in order to scan the area of the French capital. The mission task was to locate all gamma radiation in the city and to map the detected sources. The Zeppelin NT was operating for 5 days over Paris, flying a grid pattern in low level flight configuration at 150m above ground. The collected data will generate a basic reference map of the gamma radiation of Paris and will help to pinpoint anomalies.

October 2010

The Zeppelin NT has been overflying the Lake Constance under contract with the GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ (Geo research Center) of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) to detect GPS-signals that are reflected by the surface of the Lake.

Depending on the accuracy of the GPS-method, the researchers expect to be able to use satellite based surveillance of long term sea level changes and detection of Tsunami-Waves in the future.

October 2010

Since 9 October 2010, the airship is labeled "T-City Friedrichshafen. Living the future " and draws citizens and visitors to the joint project of the city and German Telekom. The partnership will run until May 2012.

July 2010

Since NAC had to stop their flight operations in May due to lack of finances, ZLT-Engineers are dismantling the Zeppelin in Japan. The components will be returned to Friedrichshafen.

June 2010

On 22nd June, DZR is proud to announce and celebrate its100,000th passenger since the start of commercial Zeppelin NT flights in 2001.Mr. Thomas Brandt, CEO of DZR, as well as Mr. Andreas Brand, Mayor of the City of Friedrichshafen, congratulate the female passenger from Stuttgart.

On this anniversary flight, DZR again transports Airship-Mail for collectors, the income from which will go to charity projects. 

May 2010

On 28th May, Airship Ventures achieves a long distance flight of 740 km with the airship “Eureka”.The Zeppelin NT takes 9 hours for its flight from San Francisco to San Diego.

March 2010

Under the leadership of ZLT the project "NERSOP" (Noise Emission Reduction of suboptimal operating propeller) is successfully completed on March 31. The cooperation project involving, among others, the University of Stuttgart is involved, has the objective to minimize propeller noise. Result is an aerodynamically improved propeller with two additional leaves that will be used with its excellent noise characteristics in the future of Zeppelin construction.

March 2010

The Zeppelin NT tests a newly developed Long-Endurance-System on a 24-hour-flight from the 23rd-24th March. During its non-stop flight over southern Germany, the Airship covers a distance of 1450 km, and lands with several hours worth of fuel still on board. These two additional fuel tanks of the “Extended Range Kit” are capable of holding 700 Liters of fuel each. This opens up new opportunities for the Zeppelin, e.g. long endurance surveillance and transit flights.

December 2009

ZLT, signs up to the PROKNOS Project. (PROcess development of hybrid material KNOT-structures). PROKNOS is a joint venture with the Technical University of Munich, where adhesive technology is being studied to replace welding technology.
Such innovative adhesive technology could be used on the NT-Longerons, where currently welding technology is being used. Results could mean a considerable increase in service life as well as a notable weight reduction

June 2009

On the 18th June the roofing ceremony for the new DZR passenger building is held. The new building, which will house a state of the art Restaurant as well as the new passenger Check-In and Lounge Area, replaces the former Check-In tent. The restaurant features a unique atmosphere with a fantastic view over the Zeppelin NT landing site for its guests.

November 2008

The Zeppelin NT, serial No. 04 is christened in the USA with the name “Eureka”.

October 2008

For the second time, scientists from the JÜLICH Research Center will use the unique Flight Capabilities of the Zeppelin NT for atmospheric studies. For this task, the Airship is fitted with highly modern and precise measuring equipment.

October 2008

After a 4 week trip, the Zeppelin NT arrives on the 29th October at Moffett Field, California. The first flight over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco will remain an unforgettable event, heralding a new era in Zeppelin passenger flights.

September 2008

Zeppelin NT, serial No. 04 leaves on September 27th from Hamburg enroute to its final destination in the US. The Zeppelin NT is transported on a Dockwise vessel to Beaumont, Texas. For the rest of the route, the Zeppelin NT will be flown, to its final destination of Moffett Field, CA. At Moffett Field, the new operator, “Airship Ventures” will offer passenger rides over San Francisco and the bay area.

July 2008

Branded with the colours of the famous Brewery “Stella Artois”, the Zeppelin NT, serial No. 04, operates passenger flights over London from the 10th July until the 21st August. This is a landmark: The first commercial airship passenger operation over the British capital. At the same time though, it is also the last assignment of Serial No. 04 under the umbrella of the DZR. It is planned that serial No. 04 will be shipped to the US by the end of September, which will, for the time being, bring an end to dual Zeppelin operations in Europe.

May 2008

On 25th May, the world famous Austrian Paraglider „Mad“ Mike Küng makes a spectacular jump from a flying Zeppelin with his paraglider. Küng jumps from the Airship, landing in an Italian sports car, positioned on a passenger vessel in the harbour of Lindau (Bavaria) on Lake Constance. With this stunt the famous world record holder adds another fantastic record to his impressive list.

May 2008

A long development process is successfully completed. On the 29th May, the Federal Aviation Administration of the US (FAA) approves the registration and certification of the Zeppelin NT for the USA. The Zeppelin NT has thereby achieved three of the most important certifications in the world:  EASA, FAA, JACB.

May 2008

Zeppelin NT, serial No. 04, takes off on the 21st May for its maiden flight. Zeppelin engineers were able to reduce the overall weight of serial No. 04 by 200 kg. In addition, this youngest of all the Zeppelin NTs, shows improved flight and performance values.

May 2008

On the 9th May, the American company “Airship Ventures” signs a contract for the purchase of the Zeppelin NT serial No. 04. At the time of signing the Airship is not yet assembled. After delivery to the US, this Zeppelin NT will be operated, mainly in the San Francisco area, for the purpose of fare paying passenger and advertising operations.

September 2007

The Zeppelin NT based in Botswana since 2005 for the search of Diamonds is severely damaged on September 20th by a small tornado, while moored on its mast. One crew member sustains minor injuries. A repair to the airship is not considered economical, as it was the prototype of the Zeppelin NT. The Airship is dismantled in Botswana and parts are shipped back to Friedrichshafen.

July 2007

The Zeppelin NT (formerly „Bodensee”) based in Japan and operated by Nippon Airship Corporation (NAC) receives the official Japanese passenger transportation certification on the 3rd July. NAC is now able to add fare paying passenger operations to their already existing activities of Advertising flights and Special Missions. DZR is therefore asked to train an additional 3 pilots and mechanics for NAC.

July 2007

In summer 2007, the Institute for Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere at the Jülich Research Center conducts climatological measurement flights in the lower planetary boundary. A top platform for the Zeppelin NT 07 is constructed especially for this event.

April 2007

This year, the 2,600 m² (27,986 ft²) large envelope became an artist’s canvas: from April to mid of August 2007, world-famous artist Stefan Szczesny transforms the Zeppelin NT 07 into a flying work of art. The motto of this joint project with the island of Mainau: "A dream of an earthly paradise."

August 2006

After 5 years of passenger operations, the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei has transported more than 55,000 passengers.

June 2006

The Zeppelin NT 07 is deployed by the DLR (German Aerospace Center) during the Soccer World Cup events in Cologne for obtaining and processing traffic data.

January 2006

Approval is given for the construction of another Zeppelin NT 07 airship in Friedrichshafen. The fourth airship will be operated commercially starting in the 2008 flight season.

August 2005

The Zeppelin NT 07 is used for traffic surveillance by the DLR (German Aerospace Center) and the Cologne police, during the 2005 World Youth Day in Cologne.

August 2005

A national research association including universities and other research facilities is established, with a focus on the regions of Baden-Wurttemberg and Brandenburg. This project is based on the Zeppelin NT know-how and the scientific results previously obtained during the CargoLifter programme.

July 2005

DeBeers and Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik sign a contract called “Diamonds for African development”, a two year diamond project in Africa. The revenue will be used to support programmes creating social benefits, like health care, transport and education facilities.

July 2005

Hessen commercial broadcaster "Hitradio FFH" wins the “Academy Award for Radio Stations” with its deployment of the Zeppelin NT 07. In September, the Zeppelin NT07 cruises over Hessen, broadcasting a total of 50,000 top hits.

June 2005

The Zeppelin NT 07 is chartered as a flying billboard by the sponsor MasterCard during the 2005 Confederations Cup.

June 2005

The Sofema Group equips the Zeppelin NT 07 with a “Wescam” camera system on the occasion of the Aeronautical Fair at “Le Bourget”, chartering the airship for 2 weeks for demonstration purposes in Paris.

January 2005

On the 14th January, the Zeppelin NT 07 sold to the Japanese Nippon Airship Corporation, takes off at the port city of Kobe for its first flight in the Far East.

November 2004

The flight season 2004 ends at the end of November. A total of 39,000 have ridden in the Zeppelin NT 07 by that time.

September 2004

The Zeppelin NT 07 cruises above seven cities in the Hessen area for almost two months, on behalf of the Hessen radio station “Hitradio FFH”, causing quite a stir with passenger flights and ground events.

June 2004

The Zeppelin airship, purchased by Nippon Airship Corporation, is handed over during a special ceremony on the 12th June. The ceremony is attended by a large variety of celebrities generating great media attention.

May 2004

The Zeppelin NT 07 commences a 2-month promotional campaign through Eastern Europe on behalf of BMW AG. The world’s biggest flying billboard announces the market launch of the BMW 1 series, in Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

March 2004

The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei trains the ground crew and pilots of the Nippon Airship Corporation for the airship operation in Japan.

March 2004

The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei is the first company in the world to receive certification as a flight school for airships.

March 2004

ZLT sells one Zeppelin NT 07 to the Japanese airship operator Nippon Airship Corporation. The sales contract is signed in Friedrichshafen on the 2nd March.

December 2003

The 7th December marks the end of the 2003 flight season. More than 17,000 passengers flew with the world's two state-of-the-art airships that year.

October 2003

The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei upgrades the flight plan with three new destinations: as well as Ravensburg and Salem, the fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein is included.

September 2003

The Zeppelin airship flies above the Bavarian capital of Munich during Oktoberfest. 700 passengers take this opportunity to ride in a Zeppelin airship above the biggest folk festival in the world.

July 2003

The Zeppelin NT 07 visits the city of Bad Homburg 90 years after the first imperial airship parade in that city. Approximately 1300 passengers ride in the airship from Kronenhof.

June 2003

The Zeppelin NT 07 flies to Thüringen for the first time. More than 400 passengers ride on the airship in one weekend during the "Day of Environment“ at Wismut GmbH in Gera.

May 2003

The Zeppelin NT 07 receives certification for night flights under visual flight rules (VFR).

April 2003

The Zeppelin airship “Bodensee” offers sightseeing flights from Freiburg for the first time. More than 1000 passengers were welcomed on board in these three weeks.

March 2003

The 2003 season begins, for the first time with two Zeppelin airships certified for commercial flight operations.

February 2003

The second series airship takes off for its maiden flight on the 8th February.

August 2002

Successful deployments in Berlin and at the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Horticultural Exhibition) in Stuttgart focuses a lot of attention on the Zeppelin NT 07, and leads to a huge demand for flight tickets. After just one year of passenger operations and only eight months of operating, the 10,000th passenger is welcomed on board.

May 2002

The “Bodensee” visits the International Aerospace Exhibition and Conferences in Berlin, using this first external deployment for passenger flights from Berlin Tempelhof over the federal capital of Germany.

August 2001

On the 14th August, the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei receives the certification as an operating company from the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation). Thus enabling commercial passenger services, consisting of 1-hour sightseeing flights over Lake Constance to start the very next day. Since then, up to 10 sightseeing flights a day are offered over eastern or western Lake Constance.

August 2001

On 10th August, His Royal Highness Carl, Duke of Württemberg christens the first series airship “Bodensee”, raising great media interest.

June 2001

A spectacular transfer of Zeppelin collectors' mail from the Zeppelin NT 07 prototype “Friedrichshafen” to the Lake Constance passenger ship “Graf Zeppelin” is conducted on the 2nd June. In spite of the bad weather conditions with gusty winds of up to 20 knots, a mailbag is placed exactly on the passenger deck of the motor boat.
The Zeppelin NT 07 prototype “Friedrichshafen” participates in the “44th International Aerosalon” at Paris/Le Bourget, the biggest aviation fair in the world, from the 17th to the 24th June. This is the first time since the end of the 1920s that a Zeppelin airship cruises above the French capital.

May 2001

On the 19th May, the second airship takes off at 10:25 for its first flight. Pilots Fritz Günther and Dominique Manière conduct several tests with the new Zeppelin airship during their 2.5 hour long test flight.

April 2001

The Zeppelin NT 07 receives the type certification from the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation). The ceremonial handing over of the certificate takes place during the inauguration of the “AERO 2001” on the 26th April at Friedrichshafen. In addition, Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH receives certification as an airship-manufacturing company.

January 2001

The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei is founded as the operating company of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH.

December 2000

The Zeppelin NT 07 prototype has accumulated more than 800 flight hours in about 220 flights. The official test flight programme has successfully been completed. The flight data collected during three years is being processed.

October 2000

The “Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei” (DZR) is founded as the operating company to be an active part in the commercial launch of the Zeppelins of New Technology. This enables the development and production company Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik (ZLT) to expand its business area. The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei will not only be the expertise and service centre for the airship, but will also manage the flight operations and pilot training.

August 2000

The Zeppelin NT 07 returns from its big tour through Germany. In the course of which, the airship conducted test flights between 13 July and 1 August, and travelled more than 3,600 km (2,237 miles) in about 75 flight hours. Highlight of this tour was the visit to the EXPO at Hanover on 21st July.
The test programme included noise level measurements, avionics tests, and take-offs and landings. Here, the Zeppelin NT demonstrated excellent manoeuvrability on the North Sea coast in winds of up to 50 km/h (27kts).

July 2000

On the 2nd July, Count Zeppelin’s granddaughter, Elisabeth Veil, christens the Zeppelin NT 07 prototype “Friedrichshafen” on the occasion of Zeppelin’s centennial.

February 2000

The support structure assembly of the first series airship is completed in February 2000. The envelope is attached to the support structure in May of the same year.

October 1999

The Zeppelin NT 07 accomplishes its longest distance flight so far, of more than 680km (423miles). The route takes the ship to Switzerland, past the cities of Weil am Rhein, Basel, and Bern, with its turning point in Neuchâtel. The flight is for a good cause: the airship transports 15 kg (33 lb) of Zeppelin collectors' mail for the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Wahlwies.

May 1999

The production of the parts for the first series airship starts. The first flight is expected by the end of 2000. The prototype’s technical design has proven itself and can be applied to the series airship without major modifications.

August 1998

On 8th August, the Zeppelin NT 07 performs its first masting away from Friedrichshafen. The airship accomplishes a cross-country flight via Altenrhein (Switzerland) to Echterdingen near Stuttgart (Germany), landing at Stuttgart Airport.

September 1997

Approximately 30,000 curious onlookers watch the Zeppelin’s maiden flight on the18th September. At 19:47, the Zeppelin NT 07 unmasts in front of exhibition hall 10 in Friedrichshafen and lands after a 40-minute flight, in front of the new Zeppelin hangar in Allmannsweiler. This hangar is the largest in Southern Germany, measuring 110 m (361 ft) in length, 69 m (226 ft) in width, and 32 m (105 ft) in height.

July 1996

The LZ N07 prototype under construction is presented to the public for the first time, and raises great media attention.

November 1995

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH is officially recognised as a design organisation by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) in Brunswick.

September 1995

The construction regulations for airships capable of transporting more than 9 passengers, developed in conjunction with the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Office for Civil Aviation), are approved.

Spring 1994

Preparatory studies for the prototype are in full swing. The rigid 75 m (246 ft) long and 14 m (56 ft) high structure is assembled in the new exhibition hall 10. This hall was specifically constructed 4 m (13 ft) higher than needed for regular exhibition use for this purpose.

September 1993

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH (today ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG), based in Friedrichshafen, is founded. It is connected to the former Zeppelin airship building under corporate law and handles the development and production of Zeppelins of New Technology. Main shareholders of the company are Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH, Zeppelin GmbH, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and ZF-Lemförder Metallwaren AG.

Summer 1991

The development team files and receives several patents worldwide. These patents include, amongst others, the triangular structure, the arrangement of the propellers, the ballonet design, and the carbon-fiber girders.

March 1991

The proof of concept is demonstrated. The remote-controlled test model weighs 20 kg (44 lbs) at a length of 10 m (33 ft) and is powered by three electric motors. It reveals excellent flight characteristics during the very first test flight. It shows that the basic concept of a rigid structure to which the newly designed swivelling propellers are fixed, guarantee highest safety and so far, unmatched manoeuvrability.

December 1990

A feasibility study and a market research survey look at technical possibilities, construction costs, and subsequent operation of modern Zeppelin airships. The first matrix shows a sales potential of around 80 Zeppelin airships in the sectors of tourism, advertising, and special scientific missions.

Autumn 1988

First considerations about whether reviving the Zeppelin airships would be technologically and economically viable. In light of this, documentation of the historic Zeppelin airships, (stored in the archive of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH), is evaluated, and the effectiveness of current airship projects is studied.

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