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Technical data of the Zeppelin N07-101

Zeppelin LZ N07-101 – Airship of newest technology

First flight: 18th September 1997
Engines: 3x Lycoming IO-360 with 147kw/200PS per engine
Length: 75 m
Max. Width: 19.5 m
Height: 17.4 m
Envelope volume: 8,425 m³
Max. take off mass: 8,050 kg
Payload: 1,900 kg
Max. speed: 125 km/h
Max. flight altitude: 3,000 m MSL
Max. endurance : approx. 22 h
Range: 1,000 km


The structure with 1,100kg, is lightweight with high stability. It consists of 12 segments of tri-angular carbon fiber crossbeams, connected to 3 Longerons made from welded Aluminium. Aramid ropes are also used to brace the whole structure and give it extra rigidity. All the major components, like the cabin, the fins and the engines are mounted on the structure. Therefore, even with a loss of envelope pressure, a high level of manoeuverability is maintained.


Non-flammable Helium, contained in a high strength, multi-layered laminate, provides the necessary lift. The envelope pressure is maintained at only 5mbar above atmospheric. Air chambers, the so-called “Ballonets” help to keep a constant interior pressure at all flight altitudes, and maintain a rigid hull.

Swiveling Propellor

The two forward propellors swivel to 120° and the aft one to 90°, and a fixed aft lateral propeller give a high level of manoeuverability, and enable smooth, quiet flight and impressive fuel economy. Some of the unique flight characteristics come from the swivelling propellers, like vertical take offs, precise landings, hovering over exact locations, turns on its axis and flying backwards.

Propulsion system

The engines, due to the structure, can be mounted where they can produce their optimal efficiency: on the sides and at the rear. The in-flight comfort is not disturbed by the propeller noise or vibration. It is driven by three 200 PS well-proven aircraft engines.

Cockpit and Cabin

The cockpit is an open and high-tech workplace with the most modern avionics. The “Fly-by-wire“ control system with side-stick relieves the pressure on the pilot and allows precise manoeuvres. The cabin can accommodate the pilots and up to fourteen passengers (depending on the configuration) and lift them skywards. A variable cabin layout ensures a quick change for a variety of applications. A 360° panoramic view of the cockpit can be found here.

Take off and Landing

Since the launch and landing are optimised by the swiveling propellors, only 3 ground crew are necessary. Therefore the personel costs are lower and the turn-around times are minimal. For the start, the nose is uncoupled from the mast truck. For landing, the airship is manoeuvered into the desired position. For masting, the noseline is coupled with the mast line, winched in and hydraulically locked on the mast.

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