Moving images for TV reports

If you need footage for a television report, please contact our press department.


ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG
Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH
Messestr. 132
88046 Friedrichshafen

Tel.: +49 7541 5900-0
[email protected]


License Agreement for press footage (B-roll/HD-Clips)

Agreement between Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei GmbH and the production company / broadcaster/name - referred to as "representatives of the press".

This License Agreement is applicable for the entire footage (B-roll) provided by the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei GmbH to the press representatives free of charge- hereinafter " footage".

Use of the footage implies acceptance of this License Agreement.

The footage will be made available to the press representative for the following program(s)and/or articles:

Name of program, broadcaster:

The use of the footage for further/other programs requires the prior written information of the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei GmbH.

The aforementioned footage made available by the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei GmbH is intended solely for the following, publication/broadcasting uses:

  • News coverage
  • Magazine articles
  • Information programs & reports
  • Entertainment programs

Expressly excluded are documentaries, feature films, and the sale of the footage or parts thereof in detail or as part of a film on DVD or any other media, pay TV, or on the World Wide Web.

For all other private and public, commercial and non -commercial use purposes, please contact the owner of the respective rights and producer of the footage:

In Touch Media GmbH
Margit Heilmann, Recht & Lizenzen
Pfarrweg 3
83708 Kreuth am Tegernsee
Tel. +49 8029 3450010

In Touch Media Entertainment holds a large archive of high-quality Zeppelin NT, Friedrichshafen and aerial photographs, shot in the formats Red Digital Cinema 4K and HDCam SR.

We thank you for observing and complying with this license agreement and wish you success with your production.

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