20 Jahre Erstflug Zeppelin-NT

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Sightseeing flights with the Zeppelin – a new perspective from 1000ft

Zeppelin Flüge
Zeppelin Flight

The engines purring quietly, the Zeppelin NT lifts majestically into the air and quickly arrives at its 1000ft cruising altitude. Unbuckle, walk around, look over the pilot’s shoulder or just enjoy the view through one of the huge windows – the choice is yours when you have the world at your feet.

The low altitude, gives you the possibility to discover every detail of the ever changing landscape. From castles and forts around the lake to the green rolling hills of the Allgäu, from typical architecture of the Vorarlberg area to colourful islands, and views to the Alps. There are 12 routes around the lake and special trips to other cities around Germany that offer a new perspective.

Sightseeing flights Friedrichshafen

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