Flight „Mainau“

Flora, Fauna, history and modern life.

Vinyards, Stilt houses, Floral splendor, modern art and the biggest city on the lake – beautifully presented.

Locations: Zeppelin Hangar FN, Hagnau, Meersburg, Unteruhldingen, Mainau Island, Konstanz *
Flight duration: 60 Minutes
Flug „Mainau“
Flight “Mainau” (Click for large view )

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Karte „Mainau“
Map “Mainau” (Click for large view )



From Friedrichshafen you fly over Immenstaad and Hagnau – where some of the magnificent Bodensee wine comes from - past the Meersburg castle to the Pfahlbauten museum in Uhldingen Muhlhofen. You will see 23 reconstructed stilt houses from the Stone and Bronze Ages, at the largest open-air museum in Europe. Then from above, the flower island of Mainau with its 45 hectares of beautiful colours. Next, to the university town of Konstanz with its modern landmark, the statue of Imperia. From here there is an unforgettable view of the nearby Alps and the Untersee with its “vegetable island” of Reichenau. *


Per person: € 455,00
Discount: 2-12 years:
20% off the regular price

*Subject to change