Flight „Radolfzell“

Tourist attractions on a silver platter

A round trip with Islands, Baroque architecture and a World Heritage Site.

Locations: Zeppelin Hangar FN, Meersburg, Mainau Island, Unteruhldingen, Überlingen, Ludwigshafen, Radolfzell, Konstanz *
Flight duration: 90 Minutes
Please note: The “Radolfzell“ flight is only available from June to November.

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Flug „Radolfzell“
Flight „Radolfzell“ (Click for large view )

Excerpt from the flight plan

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Karte „Radolfzell“
Map „Radolfzell“ (Click for large view )



On this route you will overfly Meersburg with its splendid promenade, the historic fortress and the new castle, which has been restored to its former glory. Next, the magnificent Flower Island of Mainau and the Pfahlbauten Museum in Uhldingen Muhlhofen. Where you will see 23 reconstructed stilt houses from the Stone and Bronze Ages. Following the Überlinger See shoreline, you will pass the Abbey church of St. Maria in Birnau, the towns of Überlingen and Ludwigshafen, towards Radolfzell. The next leg of the route will take you to Reichenau, the famous “vegetable island” and UNESCO world heritage site, then on towards Tägerwilen and the University City of Konstanz. From there, its back across the lake to Immenstaad and alone to Northern lake shore to Friedrichshafen.* 


Per person: € 640,00
Discount: 2-12 years:
20% off the regular price

*Subject to change