Flight „Ravensburg“

City of Games – City of Towers

The city of Ravensburg greets you from afar, and on the way – beautiful Baroque buildings.

Locations: Zeppelin Hangar FN, Tettnang, Ravensburg, Meckenbeuren *
Flight duration: 45 Minutes
Please note: The “Ravensburg“ flight is only availableIn in March, April, May, June and October, November.

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Flug “Ravensburg“
Flight „Ravensburg“ (Click for large view )

Excerpt from the flight plan

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Karte „Ravensburg“
Map “Ravensburg“ (Click for large view )



On the 45 minute flight you will fly over the Hop city of Tettnang with its Baroque castle Montfort, built in the 18th Century for Count Montfort. In Weissenau you will see the Baroque monastery of St. Peter and Paul. With 14 gates and towers, the city wall, dating back from 1845, gives Ravensburg a medival look. The city itself was always an important trading post, and is nowadays the industrial and retail centre of Oberschwaben. Right beside Ravenburg is the city of Weingarten. Here, you are greeted with the sight of the biggest Baroque Basilica this side of the Alps. From here you will return via the 16th century fort of Waldburg.*


Per person: € 360,00
Discount: 2-12 years:
20% off the regular price

*Subject to change