Flight “Schweizer Ufer“

The Bodensee from the other side.

Steinach, Arbon, Egnach, Romanshorn – Places you will remember.

Locations: Zeppelin Hangar FN, Langenargen, Altenrhein, Arbon, Romanshorn, Immenstaad *
Flight duration: 60 Minutes
Flug „Schweizer Ufer“
Flight „Schweizer Ufer“ (Click for large view )

Excerpt from the flight plan

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Karte „Schweizer Ufer“
Map „Schweizer Ufer“ (Click for large view )



Leaving from Friedrichshafen, you will fly towards Langenargen then over the lake to Altenrhein. With the Alps in the background you can enjoy a whole new view. On the Swiss side of the lake you will fly over Arbon, Egnach and Romanshorn, with the Swiss and German shores in view. Then back across the lake to Immenstaad and landing at Friedrichshafen.*


Per person: € 455,00
Discount: 2-12 years:
20% off the regular price

*Subject to change