Flight duration 60 minutes

Now on to different Bodensee shores

“Now we fly over the lake“

In one hour the Zeppelin can go a long way. No wonder, when the top speed is 125km/h. But, its not about speed, its about the discovery. For example: St. Gallen with its impressive Abbey precincts, or the Swiss shoreline with it historic communes, the Island city of Lindau with it touch of Venice and lets not forget the Flower Island of Mainau. With its 1.5 million visitors a year, it is the Bodensee area’s biggest tourist attraction.

Flight “St. Gallen“

Beautiful city with historic Abbey precincts.

Crossing the lake from Langenargen to discover Northern Switzerland. More

Flight “Schweizer Ufer“

The Bodensee from the other side

Rorschach, Steinach, Arbon, Egnach, Romanshorn – Places you will remember. More

Flight “Lindau“

To the “Island where the Linden trees grow“

Lindau, is a superb piece of Bavaria on an island, and the Pfänder is no less than “The Mountain” of the Bodensee. More

Flight “Mainau“

Flora, Fauna, history and modern life.

Vinyards, Stilt houses, Floral splendor, modern art and the biggest city on the lake – beautifully presented. More

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