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Extreme sport with the Zeppelin NT – an adventure celebrates a world first!

One dream. Three Alpinists. One adventure.

It’s a world first: three athletes fly with the Zeppelin NT from Friedrichshafen to the Eastern Alps to abseil and ski on steep terrain on skis and snowboards. In mid-February, the three Alpinists, Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger and Fabian Lentsch boarded the Zeppelin NT at the Zeppelin hangar in Friedrichshafen and headed off towards Brandnertal in Vorarlberg, Austria. Once at the top of the “Kleine Valkastiel” the two doors and floor hatch were opened and 50 meter long ropes were thrown out. The three athletes stop, rappel down, then hang in the air under the gigantic airship, taking in the almost surreal, never before seen perspective.

"Never before has an airship embarked on such an adventure."

Stefan Ager | Alpinist

"Totally crazy, this massive thing."

Fabian Lentsch | Alpinist

"When I opened the hatch, I looked down 60 meters – and saw only snow and rocks."

Andreas Gumpenberger | Alpinist

"As I hung under the Zeppelin, I felt like I was rappelling off a cloud."

Stefan Ager | Alpinist

"What we did today, has never been done like this by any airship."

Fritz Günther | Pilot

"This was the ultimate, it doesn’t get more challenging."

Oliver Jäger | Pilot

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